Dragon Interactive

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Dragon Interactive 101

About Dragon Interactive!

We are a small team of web experts that strive to produce the most amazing and cutting edge designs and code possible. We love to push the boundaries of what is possible with design, CSS, and JavaScript, developing new technologies and techniques as we go.

Dragon Labs

We've recently launched our new web playground, Dragon Labs. It's both a way for us to give back to the community with some tutorials and resources, and to show off prototypes for things that we've been developing and experimenting with.

Some of our latest releases are a script to add gradients to text, a glowing login form and our technique for fading buttons as seen on this site.

The Team

Anand Sharma

Anand does all of the major design work and runs Dragon Interactive. While he's not working on projects for Dragon Interactive, he likes to write on his blog, take photos, watch episodes of Leverage, and practice magic tricks.

Yuri Vishnevsky

Yuri is our JavaScript and AJAX expert. He is about to release his new blog which is going to be awesome. He is currently studying computer science and artificial intelligence at Rutgers University. In his spare time, he works on creating artwork in Processing and solving rubiks cubes in under 20 seconds.

The Site

Codenamed "Solstice," this first version of Dragon Interactive was launched on the last day of 2007.

Codename Rainbows

This is the first site to implement Codename Rainbows, one of our latest technologies to apply scalable gradients, shadows and highlights on the fly. It can be seen in the header and footer text.

Codename Aphelion

We had originally developed a complex motion engine to use in our site headers. Ultimately we decided not to implement it in favor of smoother animations and decreased processing load. Here's one of our concepts that was used in the launch countdown. This was also why we originally implemented the loading bar system, but felt that was worth keeping anyways.

jQuery Power

Dragon Interactive is powered under the hood by jQuery, the best JavaScript library out there.

Silky Smooth

We are fans of the Silk iconset by Mark James and feel it is easily the most comprehensive and versatile set of icons out there. We've used it in many of our major projects.

Blacklist Issues

We acquired this domain name last year when we decided to switch to the name Dragon Interactive. Before that, it used to be a slightly shady site with some not-so-appropriate Dragonball Z characters. This isn't generally an issue, but we've recieved a few reports that we're still being blocked by certain networks—especially in places like schools and libraries.

If you find the site being blocked, there's a fresh mirror of the site at http://dragon-interactive.com which should work. It might not have the latest content and recent changes, but should work if the main site happens to be blocked.